Many SUNY Delhi offices have found it convenient to use instant messaging for quick messages to one another, sending links, etc.

While there are many different instant messaging systems, most Delhi offices have standardized to AIM as the de facto IM system. One can sign up for an AIM screen name and begin using it here.

Once a screen name and login have been set up, one can use the AIM program,'s web-based AIM login, iChat, or any number of other IM clients to login to the AIM account and begin using it. To connect with others, one must "add a buddy" and know their screen name to become connected and see when they are online, and send messages.

Another use of IM can be to offer the campus/community the ability to make contact via IM as an addition or alternative to the phone or email, by either publishing the IM name, or embedding a widget into a web page, like these campus web pages: Library, Career Services, CIS Service Center, and Delhi Online - all of which use the widget. The widget shows whether or not someone is logged into the IM account and available. Some of these use a 'shared IM account' - for which several people know and use the login, and each time someone new logs in they replace the previously logged in person.