1. Login to Vancko Hall and click on the course that you would like to export the students from.

  2. On the right side of your screen choose 'Grades' under the Navigation Block.

  3. Click the 'Export' tab then the 'Plain text file' option.  On the bottom Click 'Select all/none'.  Last hit 'Download' to download your course roster as a CSV.

  4. If your browser asks you if you want to open or download the file, choose 'Download'

  5. Next login to your ZipGrade account here: https://www.zipgrade.com/login/

  6. Then click the 'Students' tab, then 'Import Students from CSV'

  7. To upload your roster click 'Browse' then navigate to your downloads folder where the CSV was saved.  Select the CSV and choose open.

  8. Check the checkbox for 'Has a Header Row' then 'Upload'

  9. Next you need to map the corresponding drop down fields from the CSV file with ZipGrade's fields. 
    Match the fields the same as below. Then 'Finish Import'

  10. After the import is done, click the 'Classes' tab then the  'Edit' icon.

  11. Last you want to change the name of the course. ex) MATH-110-10604

  12. To view the student roster you can click on the 'Students' tab.

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