Printing custom answer sheets allows you to print any number of questions from 1-100 with our 9 digit student ID.

  1. Login to ZipGrade and click 'Answer Sheets'

  2. Towards the bottom you want to click 'Custom Answer Sheet Wizard'

  3. Click 'New Answer Sheet'

  4. Choose a name for the custom sheet, click 'Next'

  5. Choose the headers that you want to display at the top of your quiz, press 'Next'

  6. Change the number of Student ID Digits to 9, press 'Next'

  7. Add the number of questions you want by choosing 'Add multiple-choice questions'

  8. Choose the number of questions you want, add answer labels, click 'Add Questions'

  9. Last, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click 'Publish'

  10. After you publish the answer sheet you can print the new sheet by clicking 'PDF - 1 per page' next to the quiz you created.


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