Note: It is recommended to have a practice exam utilizing Respondus to make sure all students can access the exam.

Installing and using Respondus

   1.  Download Respondus by going to the exam in Vancko Hall and clicking Download LockDown Browser
Note: Respondus requires an admin of the computer to install

Possible link alternatives:


    Mac (Requires a restart):

  2. Select Install Now

  3. Follow the prompts for installing the program on your computer

  4. To take the quiz go back to your Vancko Hall course and select Launch LockDown Browser

TIPS: Click Check your LockDown Browser Setup to confirm all is working well. 
Also, restart your computer!


  1. If you are in an exam and everything freezes, you need to restart your computer. It should let you resume your exam after the restart.
  2. Uninstall and reinstall Respondus
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