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Confluence is has a very robust framework for adding functionality by installed plugins. A Confluence plugin makes available additional Confluence macros that allow content to be displayed on a Confluence page.

As Confluence contains a great variety of documentation, discussions and other information, it is very important that any plugins being added to Confluence be fully tested and understood. This will help mitigate and risk of compromising the available of Confluence and will allow time for the CIS helpdesk to understand a new plugin in order to offer support for that plugin.

So the process below has been crafted to allow for testing and documentation of a new plugin before the introduction of the plugin to the production Confluence environment.


  1. User Requests Plugin
    1. The requester submits a Wonderdesk ticket asking for the plugin to be installed.
  2. CIS Reviews Request
    1. CIS will contact the requester to discuss whether or not the suggested plugin best meets the needs of the requester.
    2. CIS will decide whether the suggested plugin is the best solution or if there is an alternative that will better meet the requester's needs.
  3. CIS Installs Plugin in Test Confluence
    1. When the best plugin has been identified, CIS will install the plugin in the test Confluence server.
    2. The requester will be sent a link to the test Confluence server so they can try out the plugin.
  4. CIS Tests Plugin
    1. CIS will create a set of test pages to evaluate the various macros available in the plugin. This basic test will ensure that none of the macros will affect the performance of Confluence.
  5. CIS Documents Plugin
    1. A page will be created in Confluence to document the plugin. The page will provide links to the plugin documentation.
  6. CIS Purchases License
    1. If the plugin is a commercial product, CIS will purchase a license for the plugin. A discussion will take place to decide who will pay for the plugin license, but CIS will purchase and maintain the license.
  7. Helpdesk Reviews Plugin
    1. CIS will notify the helpdesk of the pending installation of the plugin. This will give the helpdesk time to review the plugin documentation and decide how much support they are able to provide for the plugin. Depending on the complexity of the plugin, the helpdesk may decide not to support the plugin directly, instead deferring support to the requester or the vendor.
  8. CIS Installs Plugin in Production Confluence
  9. Done!

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