Google Voice is arguably one of the most valuable services on the internet.  It will not replace your current home, cell, and work phones, but rather it will complement them very nicely.  Picture this service as your personal secretary, capable of answering, transferring, and tying together all of your various phone numbers.  When you first sign up for a google voice account,  you will select a phone number in the area code of your choice.  This new phone number will now be the center of your telephony life.  When you first log into google voice, you can enter your real phone numbers (the ones associated with actual phones).  Now that you have your number, the fun can start. The best part of all of this,  is that it is absolutely free!   Check out this very short video introducing the service.


Here are some of the main features.

  • One Number to rule them all:    Say you have entered three phones (work, cell, home).  You COULD give out each of those numbers to everyone and have them try you at work, then at home, then on your cell until they reach you.  Or, you could give out your Google Voice number.  When someone calls your google voice number,  all of your phones can ring at the same time, and the call is connected to whichever device you answer first.  You can even get very granular if you wish, and have certain contacts only ring certain devices,  or have it only ring certain numbers during certain times of the day.  You can even transfer calls from one device to another while the call is in progress.   Cool, right?
  • Free Long Distance Calling:     Google Voice gives you the ability to make free calls to anywhere in the USA.  To make a free call,  simply log into your Google Voice account and press the CALL button.  Enter the phone number you wish to call, and choose which phone you want the call to be connected to.   Google voice will first call you,  and once you answer, it will call the recipient and connect you.  This means that you can make FREE long distance calls anywhere in the USA using your own phone, even at work.  This is because all calls are treated as incoming, and you are never charged.
  • Free text messages:                  Your Google Voice number is also good for text messages.  You can send and receive unlimited text messages to and from anywhere in the world via the website or mobile apps.  Simply log into your google voice account and press the TEXT button.  Enter the phone number (or select a contact) and type your message.  It is that easy.  You can be notified of new text messages via email or regular text message.
  • Advanced Voicemail:       You can access your google voicemail from any phone or any internet connected computer.  Your messages are never removed, unless you remove them.  Google Voice can also transcribe your voicemails into text and email them to you for your convenience.
  • Smart phone integration:    Apple devices, blackberry, and Android devices all have apps that allow you to use most of the features of your Google Voice account right from your cell phone.   Right from your handset, you can make and receive calls, send and receive texts and listen to your voice messages.

This article hardly scratches the surface of what this powerful service can do.  We invite you to visit this page to see more short videos explaining the various features of Google Voice.