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This secure connection is only available to Campus-Owned laptops.
We now have an alternate way for you to access the secure wireless connection on campus without needing to use the Cisco NAC Agent.
  1. Click on the wireless icon by your clock
  2. Click 'Faculty-Staff-1x'
    1. (Be sure box is checked to 'Connect Automatically')
  3. Click 'Connect' button.

Windows 7:

Selecting Faculty-Staff-1X from the wireless list is all that needs to be done, it connects right away without issue.
(If the wireless icon has a yellow triangle after connection, just open your browser and it will go away)

Windows XP:

When Faculty-Staff-1X is selected, users get 'Windows could not able to find a certificate to log you on to the network' bubble by clock.

To resolve:

Right click on wireless icon, select 'View available wireless connections'

On the left, click 'Change advanced settings'

You will get a popup message that your don't have sufficient privileges, just say 'OK'

Click on 'Wireless Networks' tab

Select 'Faculty-Staff-1X (Automatic)', then click 'Properties' button below it.

Select 'Authentication' tab.

EAP type: change drop down to 'Protected EAP (PEAP)'



  1. Feb 15, 2013

    Any chance of getting instructions for Windows 8? I can't seem to get mine to accept the faculty connection.

    1. Feb 17, 2013

      This is only available for campus-owned computers, sorry!