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While the email system does support syncing with your phone/device, unfortunately we do not directly support these for students or faculty.  We've assembled this page to help you do the setup on your own. 

Start Here:

Tested to be working 10/16/18 - Instructions for adding Delhi email on an Apple device

These notes generally are all folks need:

  • Look for 'Microsoft Exchange' or 'Exchange ActiveSync'...all devices won't note this, but if it does, select this option.
  • When it asks for a server and/or domain, enter:
  • For all username fields, enter:  your entire email address

If the above doesn't work:

General info & instruction links:

You can use this wizard: for directions and settings. 

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  1. For iOS 8 users where the ;

    Delete your Exchange Account: Settings -> Mail, contacts, calendars-> Click on your work account and choose Delete Account at the bottom.

    Add the account: Settings -> Mail, contacts, calendars-> Add new account-> Exchange

    enter your username and password. Save your settings then shut down and restart your iPhone 6.