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  • DOE - Teaching an Online Course Developed by Another Instructor
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Teaching a course developed by another instructor:

Here are the general guidelines and procedure: 

  1. If you have not already, complete theOnline Instructor Certification course (Vancko Hall login required), acquiring the Certificate of Completion. This course includes the Vancko Hall Faculty Orientation and Pedagogy and Best Practices for Online Teaching mini-courses.
  2. Communicate with the Coordinator of Online Education if you have any questions about the technology, Learning Management System (Vancko Hall/Moodle), schedule initial consultation if needed.
    1. Receive any additional technical or pedagogical assistance
  3. Acquire the content for the course by either
    1. having the former instructor add you to the course as instructor so that you can use the Import function to import the content into your new blank course shell
    2.  use the Get Technical Help form to submit a request to get the content imported
  4. Check the course content for things that need to be changed:
    1. course content that is time specific and will need to be changed each term (such as calendar dates, assignment due dates, live course chat dates and times, etc.)
    2. course content that is person specific and will need to be changed for each instructor (such as instructor contact information, discussion postings, etc.)
    3. any specific information about running the course, such as when to open/close learning modules, suggestions for managing the course
  5. Ask Course Developer any pedagogical questions or questions specific to course content, syllabus, etc.
  6. Ask Coordinator any technical questions about LMS, how to make changes if unknown, etc.



  • import the course content as indicated above
  • make all necessary changes to person-specific and time-specific course content includin:
    • editing syllabus information and dates
    • editing instructor contact information and preferred communication modes
    • editing assignment dates as needed
    • opening/closing modules, resources and activities as needed during the term
    • editing course settings as desired or needed
    • adding/removing users as needed (Vancko Hall)
  • make course available to students by Wednesday prior to course start date
  • communicate with students prior to and throughout the course, manage discussions, mail, grading, assessments,
  • request training and technical assistance via helpdesk for any questions, problems, issues with technology


  • conduct any necessary training as needed by developer or instructor
    • for LMS,
    • communications tools,
    • multimedia,
    • content creation, etc.
  • perform tasks that instructor or developer are not able to complete due to software limitations or administrative capabilities, roles, privileges, etc.
  • answer any questions or issues that arise