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Summary of the process of new online course development for adjuncts:

  1. New online course is approved by Curriculum Committee, College Senate and College President, or course is part of an already approved online program (such as Vet Tech BBA, Nursing BSN)
  2. Program conducts search for instructor.
  3. After instructor is chosen, department/division secretary sends New Instructor Info Sheet (see attachments above) to instructor.
  4. After instructor returns New Instructor Info Sheet, department/division secretary submits User Account Request Form to initiate process of setup for @delhi email, 800# and PIN.
  5. Department/division secretary provides Office of the Provost with completed New Instructor info Sheet and course information (alpha/numeric designation, full course title, number of credits, semester course will be taught).
  6. Secretary to the Provost sends letter to the instructor chosen by the program. (cc: Coordinator, Divsion Dean, Secretary, Department Chair). Letter states that payment will occur after course is developed and approved. (see sample letter in attachments above.)
  7. Department/division secretary notifies Online Coordinator with instructor's contact info.
  8. Department/division secretary puts course into Banner / created in Vancko Hall.
  9. Online Coordinator gets in touch with instructor regarding guidelines, training and support for course development.
  10. Instructor completes any necessary training and develops the course with assistance of Online Coordinator.
  11. The course is reviewed by Online Coordinator for technology/workability/support issues and by 1-2 peers for content, rigor, pedagogy.
  12. Any final revisions are made and course is approved by Online Coordinator.
  13. Online Coordinator sends note to Dean, Division Secretary and Provost that course is developed and adjunct can be paid for developed course.
  14. Department/division secreteary prepares adjunct/extra service contract and Fund Allocation for Personal Service form for reimbursement of course development and sends to Provost, after contract and form are signed by department chair/dean.
  15. Provost signs and secretary to the Provost puts the contract in the mail to the instructor and immediately brings a copy to Human Resources. 
  16. HR starts the process of putting the person on the payroll
  17. If course has sufficient enrollment to run, department/division secretary prepares adjunct/extra service TEACHING contract and sends to Provost, after contract is signed by department chair/dean.

Flow Chart Image of the above:

click to enlarge - see attachments above for original files to edit and update

Side note regarding evaluation of adjuncts:

  1. All first semester adjunct courses are visited by Dean for evaluation. Dean sets up visitation time with instructor. If in Vancko Hall, instructor can add/remove Dean as student in course. If in WebCT, request must be sent to Coordinator.
  2.  All "student evaluation of instruction" forms for adjuncts go to Dean as well as adjunct.
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