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Some courses, such as orientation or self-paced training courses contain "Certificates" or "Certificates of Completion."

If you are eligible to receive the certificate in your course, you can click on the certificate and then will see a "Get your certificate" button.

If you are ineligible to receive the certificate, you will see a notice about why you cannot receive it.

If you have already received the certificate, you will see a date under "issued" and can click to view your certificate.

Some certificates (depending on how the instructor set it up) email the recipient a notice with a PDF attachment upon receiving the certificate. The email will arrive "from" your instructor and will state "Attached is your certificate for (Name of Course)."

And then click to "Review your certificate"

Note: If you are using Internet Explorer and get an error message at this point, please download, install and useFirefox from and try using that browser instead.

While reviewing, you can mouse over to see a menu of options to zoom in, zoom out, and save a PDF to your hard drive: