Power Apps application - Screening Via Mobile Device

Power Apps is an easy alternative to using a browser for COVID screening on mobile devices.

Complete screening via Power Apps application (Mobile Users)

Browser Instructions - Screening Via PC or Mobile Device

Users should access the application via Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox (Safari requires a change that can be made following the instructions below)

First time users need to allow SharePoint permissions - instructions below.

Safari iPhone Instructions

First Time Users

Employee Daily Health Screening Tutorial Video

Creating a Bookmark in Chrome or Safari

From your iPhone home screen go to Settings:

Scroll down to Safari:

Scroll down to Privacy and Security and turn the Prevent Cross-Site Tracking to OFF:

Turning on Cross Site Tracking in Safari

First Time Users

Begin by entering your full email address, this will direct you to the single sign on page

Sign in as you normally would with your username (ex: smithjd) and network password

If you are on your own computer/device you may choose yes, otherwise select no

Choose to 'Allow' SharePoint permission

Click on the '+' in the upper right hand corner to begin the screening

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