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Note: it is also possible to easily email an entire class from Vancko Hall - using the News forum or Quickmail block.

Outlook Web Access:

  1. Sign into Bronco Web
  2. Click on "Faculty Services" tab
  3. Click on "Summary Class List"
  4. Use the pulldown menu to select a semester or term, Submit
  5. Use the pulldown menu to select a course CRN# of the class you want to email, Submit
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the page. You will see a listing of all emails
    Example Image:
  7. Highlight the list (you can click 3 times quickly in the middle of the email list, or right click and then left click on 'Select All')
  8. Right click the highlighted list and click 'Copy' (or press Ctrl and C together on keyboard)
  9. Login to Office 365 Email from the 'Faculty & Staff' page and click 'New' to compose a new message.
  10. Click '...' at the top of the message (next to Apps)
  11. Click 'Show Bcc'
  12. Paste the email addresses into the BCC field
  13. Type the body of the message
  14. Send


When sending messages to multiple people you should ALWAYS put the list in the Bcc field so that the recipients cannot see each the others address.