Quick Glance

  • Change in Names/Terminology
    • Internet Native Banner/INB = Admin Pages
    • Self Service Banner/SSB/BroncoWeb = Self Service/BroncoWeb
  • Keyboard shortcuts are different than what currently works in 8 (see list below)

  • Admin Pages will be available before Self Service

  • Banner 9 will use Single Sign on (Your Windows/Active Directory Password)

  • During Transition you'll need to log into both the Banner 8  and Banner 9 environments
    • For Testing and because not all Banner 9 modules have been released 
  • Testing

    • Users need to test EVERYTHING in Banner 9 as we migrate! 

      • “Test EVERYTHING” in DEVL “by end users performing their daily tasks”

      • “Opening a form is not enough testing”

  • Banner 9 is browser dependent/completely web based

    • Ellucian Recommends using Chrome

    • Clearing your browser cache is often a first step in troubleshooting issues (see: Automatic Cache Clearing - Google Chrome )

    • No longer dependent on JAVA

    • “It is SLOWER and ALWAYS will be”

      • Ellucian is looking to make it better

      • Be prepared that it will be slower and there will NOT be a fix for it

      • If you use the 8 shortcuts on Banner 9 it will further slow everything for everyone on forms down (not just you) 


(* = Documentation Created by Ellucian)

Keyboard Shortcuts *

Naming Conventions *

Quick Reference *

Navigating Banner 9

Automatic Cache Clearing - Google Chrome

Useful Banner Screens for Advisors.docx

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