Part I: Job Name

If you DO NOT know the exact name of the job you wish to submit:

Press the Search button () from the Banner Menu page

Name: type %'general term (in this case VET for veterans)'% ex: %VET%
Type: select Jobs
Hint: % - the percent sign is 'wildcard' in Banner - this stands for zero or more unspecified characters

Press F8

Highlight Name of job you wish to run
Hint: Note this can type this directly in the Go To... box on the Banner Menu page and press Enter vs. doing this Search in the future
Press Start button

If you DO know the name of the job you wish to submit:

Type it in the Go To... box on the Banner Menu page and press Enter

Part 2: Job Setup

See image under instructions for further clarification

  1. Press Next Block
  2. Under Printer Control
    Printer: DATABASE (enter the word DATABASE in CAPITAL letters)
  3. Press Next Block
  4. Enter Parameter Values
    • Prefix is 3 letter department ex: ler (for learning center); pro (for provost); cis (for computer information systems)
      • This parameter may determine where the output files to be copied.
    • Hint: When you click in a Values field, Under Parameter Values fields, a description of the Values format is displayed
      • Term Code is a six digit number; the first four characters represent the year and the last two characters represent the term. 01 = Winter, 02 = Spring, 05 = Summer, 09 = Fall
  5. Press Next Block
  6. Optional: Under Submission you may check the 'Save Parameter Set as' box if you wish for the Values in Parameter Values to automatically display the next time you open this Job
  7. Be sure Submit under Submission is selected
  8. Press Save to run Job

  • Output files can be found in your department reports network share (\\\reports\xxx where xxx is your department)
    • If you do not have access to the appropriate share, your supervisor will need to submit a request for you to have access.
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