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Office 365 now offers a better way to share a mailbox with others. Instead of everyone having to log into a separate e-mail box to access the other account, Office 365 now has 'Shared Mailboxes'. Once your mailbox has been created for you (if you would like a new mailbox, please e-mail the help desk at please follow the instructions below for setup.

1.To access the shared mailbox you can right-click on your name in the folder list of Outlook in Office 365.

2.Choose 'Add shared folder....'


3.Type the new mailbox name that was created for you.

4. Select it from the list and click 'Add'. Your shared folder will now display below your name or list of folders.


Please contact the Help Desk/ Service Center at or 607-746-4835 if you need any further assistance with this.

Thank you!

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