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Technology Projects

This section of Confluence will be the central location for active proposed technology-related projects at Delhi. This page is a discussion of the process of proposing and developing new technology projects and provides links to related information contained in Confluence.

Active Projects - shows technology projects' status, all current projects are listed under this page as children

Project Development Template - base template for documenting new technology projects

Project Development at Delhi

How do technology projects get started at Delhi? What is the role of the requestor? CIS?

What is the process?

New projects are briefly described and proposed through the CIS ServiceCenter. CIS staff determine if the request fits within existing CIS services. If it fits within an existing service, your request is scheduled for completion by CIS staff. If not, the Chief Information Oficer will work with you to analyze initial feasibility and develop a preliminary cost estimate. Then the Technology Advisory Group (TAG) will work with you to document the needs of the project as you develop the Project Development Template. During this phase of the project, the campus community's input is sought to help refine the project request, clarify issues and note other areas that might benefit from the application of this project. Comments are incorporated into the Confluence project page. Activites like committee discussions of the project are summarized in the same location so all information regarding the project is maintained in one location. When you feel that the documentation is complete, TAG will apply the Project Readiness Rubric using information provided through the Template. Projects should go through this process before being incorporated in the Annual Unit Plans

Getting Started

The project development process is kicked off through your submission of a ServiceCenter ticket (Helpdesk ticket).  The Helpdesk/Service Center can be reached at 607-746-4835.


  1. I really like this template.  It makes more sense than previous versions.  If we are serious about this model, we need to change "Projects should go through this process before being incorporated in the Annual Unit Plans\." to "Projects must go through this process before being incorporated in the Annual Unit Plans\." 

    Do we also need to clarify how a project sponsor can initiate the TAG review?  Must an email be sent to CIS or to TAG?

  2. I agree with Jack about the should/must phrasing. I've also received some feedback that it would be helpful if the flowchart included some time indicators to show when this process occurs relative to the planning cycle and how long it might take. I know that might be difficult to pin down, but the idea was that project sponsors would need to have an idea of how much in advance of unit plan creation this needs to be done.