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Known Issues For Big Blue Button

Known Issue (BBB)  Workaround
Text kerning and object displacment/ formatting issues when uploading .ppt and .pptx (powerpoint)  into whiteboard space.Instructors/Moderators/Presenters should whenever possible create a PDF of the powerpoint whenever possible.

Some users have observed that the .ppt or .pptx formatting is corrected after a wait time of approximately 10 minutes.Thus, file upload formatting is corrected, but needs time.
 Java must be enabled if user wishes to share desktop. 
 Safari users (on Mac OS) report not being able to share desktop screen (when they have been given presenter status. This has to do with native Java on Mac.

Known Issues For Open Meetings


Known Issues (Open Meetings) Workaround
 Firefox on Androidcurrent Flash version bundled with Android doesn't support latest features so no audio/video when connecting from an android device.
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