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Getting a new technology project off the ground can seem like a daunting challenge.   You may have all sorts of ideas of what you would like to do swirling around in your head. This template is designed to help you organize those thoughts and work through a logical process that will lead to a solid base of knowledge for all to use as the project is planed. Just respond to the questions posed in the yellow boxes below. As more is learned, edit this document to include it.

Note to Project Sponsor: Please replace "Description here" or "List here" below with your text. Stay within the two horizontal rules to avoid changing the boilerplate formatting.


Start the new project process by detailing your existing business practices that the project will impact. Tell us what you do now. Then tell us what you would like to change. Why isn't it working now? What impact will the change have on those who use your services? What impact will the project have on other areas of your department? The rest of the College?

This initial part of the project development process does not involve looking at solutions, just identifying the problem within existing business practices. The more detail provided, the easier it will be for others to see the problem in context and how potential solutions will integrate into your existing business practices.

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Further Details


 We have reached the point where it has become necessary to upgrade the package delivery notification system that is currently used by our student mailroom.  The current system is antiquated, and involves the actual logging in of packages, placement of notification cards in individual mailboxes, and package recipients signing a log to confirm that theyhave received their packages.  This is a time consuming, and out dated system for a number of reasons.  The first of these reasons is due to the sheer increase in the volume of packages received by the mailroom.  Our students buy many things on line, including  electronic goods,  discount text books, personal items, and packages from home.  Most of these items have tracking information on them, and students are immediately notified when these items arrive at the mailroom.  Due to the antiquated and time consuming system we currently have to log in packages, there is often a gap betwen the time the package arrives, and is written up and a notification placed int he student's mailbox. 

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User Stories



Once you have documented existing practices, tell us who your target audience is. What group will benefit from the project? How? What value will they perceive from the completed project?

The existing practice requires all packages to be logged in, writtend up,and  a notification card placed in the student's mailbox informing them that they have a package to be picked up.  Our target audience is comprised of current studetnts who receive their mail at the Student Mailroom in Farrell Hall.  Students will benefit from this upgrade as they will receive their pacakges more quickl due toless handling time once the package arrives at the mailroom.  The preceived value willb e that the College fully  understands the importance of these items to their receipients.  


Use Cases

What is your vision for the change the project implements? What will the new environment look like? What are the goals of your project? These are broad questions, not detail oriented. This is a "big picture" question.

My vision is that we wold have a systtem, integrated with BANNER, that will allow students to be notified via eMail whent heir package has arrived.  Students will also be permitted tos ign electronically, as can be done in the post office.  This will cut down on the time used to log in packages, write them up, and place notices in mailboxes.  The overall goalof theporject is to improve service delivery int he student mailroom.

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Use Cases II

Again, address broadly: When and how will you integrate this new technology into your business practices? What is your plan for training your staff to use the new technology?

I view this system as fully integrated with BANNER, so that students will be able to receive eMail notification when their packages arrive.  Staff will have to be trained in the actual use of the new system by CIS, or a representative of the company we purchase the system from.



Please envision and describe in operational terms how the completed and successful project when fully implemented will function for all stakeholders. How will we know we are done and the project is successful? (A good way to do this would be to use the "As a ___, I would ______, so that I can ______." statement.)

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Project Sponsor

Finally, you should also identify a contact in your department who will coordinate the project, your Project Sponsor. This will be the primary contact for CIS. Do you have anyone else who needs to be CC'd on communications?

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Questions for the Project Sponsor and related information or links should be listed here. The Project Sponsor should respond to questions within this section or edit the Proposal above as appropriate. It is important to document the discussion revolving around the Proposal so questions aren't either left hanging or repeated.

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  1. Marty has explained the situation in the student mailroom very well.  The deliveries are especially at their heaviest during the two weeks before and for about six to seven weeks into the beginning of the semester.  We have carriers from FED EX, UPS (both have ground and express deliveries) and then there is USPS (postal), which also has an abundance of mail for us to sort and deliver.  We can possibly have 200-400 packages delivered on each day, with Monday being our heaviest delivery day which could have more(mail and packages).  These need to be organized in some fashion, logged in by hand (with tracking number, name of recipient, name of sender and of course box number) and then cards need to be filled out and placed in the student's mailbox for notification.  Sometimes the students are sent an email from the sender or from one of the carriers, not USPS, stating their package has been delivered.  Of course the students have the capability to track anything that has a tracking number.  While I and my part-timers are trying to log these packages in, the students are at the mailroom window looking for their package, which tracking has informed them has been delivered.  They want to know why they cannot pick it up since it is delivered, I have to explain that it needs to be logged in so that they can sign for it.  Sometimes they understand, sometimes they do not, especially if it is a textbook that they need for their class.  Sometimes this process can take all day to complete, sometimes there isn't enough time in one day and it has to be held over until the following morning to complete, and then the process starts all over.

    I would like to have equipment that has some type of scanning capability, which could include the bolded areas above.  If the scanner could then be plugged into the computer and generate a list with all the above information laid out and possibly be able to transmit a message to the student stating their package is ready for pick up, would be ideal.  Also, there has to be a way to have them sign for their package, which right now they need their student ID for visual confirmation before they sign.  If they don't have their ID, I have used their license, but I prefer that we only use their ID for the future.  

    Is there a program that could incorporate all these pieces of the process for my office?  Maybe it has to be broken into a two-step system to process all the information.  All I know is that it is very necessary, as it would narrow the possibility of error and also speed up our processing for the benefit of the students. 

  2. At the SUNY Housing Conference yesterday we were talking about software like this.  Brockport has been using Digital Doorman since January and they have been very happy with it.  Many of the features that you are describing they mentioned.