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  • Introduction to Banner 8, Business Process Assessments
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SGHE (SunGard Higher Education) is scheduling Introductions to Banner 8 which will be available FOR ALL SUNY DELHI STAFF. These initial demonstrations will provide us with the direction Banner is going and what we as a campus, departments and staff, will need to do as we migrate current business practices; identify gaps in our knowledge about current usability functionality; and plan for the new features of Banner 8.

These one day overviews will walk staff through the different modules of each area with directed focus Banner 8 enhancements. Scheduling of these will be after the Luminis demo so Delhi employees can see the overall concept and use of Luminis prior to the specifics of the individual systems, and then, any concerted or focused consulting can be arranged as needed to help bring the full use of Banner 8 into production at Delhi. The Overviews are meant as an exposure to the most current functionality and capability of the specific Banner modules.

Banner Module Sessions:

Luminis: Introduction of the Luminis portal interface, functionality and usibility for presentation and aggrgation of Banner information.
General: Focuses on Banner 8 Security, Internationalization, Supplemental Data Engine, and PIN Security
Financial Aid: Focuses on Banner 8 New forms used in Algorithmic Packaging, Simulation Options, Fund Enhancements
Advancement: Focuses on Banner 8 Advancement Self-Service, Luminis Channels for Banner Advancement, Advancement Common Matching, Advancement Value Based Security and Fine Grained Access Control
Student Registration: Focuses on Banner 8 Registration Error Messages, Minimum/Maximum Registration Hours, IPEDS Regulatory Updates, Fee Assessment Rules, and Term Role Report.

  • Catalog/Schedule: Focuses on Automated Faculty Load and Compensation, Course, Section and Registration Restrictions, Registration Overrides, Reserved Seats, Waitlist Automation.
  • Transfer Articulation : Focuses on Catalog extract and load process, Academic History - Incomplete Grade Processing, Miscellaneous Enhancements - User Interface, and Miscellaneous Enhancements - Renamed Objects
  • Manual Roll of Degree Records module: Focuses on New Forms/New Reports, and Self-Service Graduation Application
  • Mass Entry Module: Focuses on Mass Entry (Provides alternative to manual entry, Improve efficiency, Query tool, Update via batch)
  • Updates on Applications, General Student Records, Registration, and Graduation.

Session Schedule

The first hour of each session will provide a high level overview of the Banner Module and is oriented toward senior management. The following three hours provide detailed functional review and analysis. This schedule is designed so that senior staff need only commit to the first hour, while providing additional time for more detailed discussions.

Please indicate availability below.

Module Session

Name and Availability: Date & A.M (8-12 a.m.) or P.M. 1-4 p.m.)


9/14: Masson, Rocky, N. Smith, N Slate, Elwell, Padgett, Mazzei, Hughes, Shields, Vancko, Fass, Padovani, Wesley,Healey, Mongillo, hutzley, Bishop, Hudson


10/05: mazzei pm, hughes, Healey, Mongillo, callas pm 
10/06: Masson, mazzei, hughes pm,   Healey-AM, Mongillo 
10/07: Masson, hughes pm, Healey-AM, Mongillo, Padovani (am) , DeForest 
10/08: Masson, mazzei, callas pm, DeForest (pm),
10/09: Masson, stedman, mazzei, hughes, DeForest 
10/12: Masson
10/13: Masson,  mazzei, hughes pm, Mongillo, Dibble  
10/14: Masson,  mazzei pm, Mongillo 
10/15: mazzei am,  hughes, Mongillo, callas, DeForest (pm), Kaplan (am)
10/16: Masson,Mongillo, Padovani , DeForest, Kaplan, Peters (am)
10/19: Masson, stedman , defreece,M,  Healey, Mongillo, callas pm, Padovani (pm), Dibble , N Smith
10/20: Masson (a.m. only) , Healey, callas pm, Osterhoudt 
10/21: Masson, mazzei Healey, Mongillo , callas pm, Padovani (am), DeForest, Kaplan 
10/22: Masson, mazzei,  Healey-AM, Mongillo-AM, callas, Padovani , DeForest (pm)  Dibble. N Smith(am), Osterhoudt (pm)
10/23: Masson, stedman, mazzei pm , Healey, Mongillo, Padovani, DeForest, Kaplan, N Smith, Osterhoudt (am)

Financial Aid

10/05: hughes , Healey
10/06: Masson, hughes pm , Healey-AM
10/07: Masson, hughes , Healey-AM ,
10/08: Masson,
10/09: Masson, stedman,
10/12: Masson, 
10/13: Masson,  hughes pm
10/14: Masson, hughes pm
10/15: hughes, 
10/16: Masson,
10/19: Masson, stedman,hughes, Healey  
10/20: Masson (a.m. only), hughes pm, Healey 
10/21: Masson, hughes pm , Healey
10/22: Masson, hughes, Healey-AM 
10/23: Masson, stedman, hughes, Healey


10/05: Healey
10/06: Masson, Healey-AM 
10/07: Masson, Healey-Am
10/08: Masson,
10/09: Masson,
10/12: Masson,
10/13: Masson,
10/14: Masson,
10/16: Masson,
10/19: Masson, Healey
10/20: Masson (a.m. only) Healey 
10/21: Masson, Healey
10/22: Masson, Healey -AM
10/23: Masson, Healey

Student Registration

10/06: Masson, Healey-AM, hughes pm 
10/07: Masson, Healey_AM, hughes pm
10/08: Masson,
10/09: Masson, stedman, hughes 
10/12: Masson, stedman
10/13: Masson, stedman
10/14: Masson, hughes pm
10/15: hughes 
10/16: Masson, 
10/19: Masson, stedman,  Healey, Kaplan, hughes, N Smith
10/20: Masson (a.m. only) Healey, hughes pm
10/21: Masson, Healey , DeForest, Kaplan, hughes 
10/22: Masson, Healey-AM , DeForest (pm), hughes, N Smith(am)
10/23: Masson, DeFreece,M, Stedman Healey, DeForest, Kaplan, hughes, N Smith

SGHE Documentation

In order to engage with SGHE several documents were required to be completed by SUNY Delhi.

Contact Information

Scott Bednarz
Account Manager, SunGard Higher Education
3000 Ridge Road East, Rochester, NY 14622
Tel: 585-339-2367
Fax: 610-578-3074
Scott (dot) Bednarz (at) sungardhe (dot) com (mailto: