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In a discussion between Open Meeting and Adobe Connect, both may have their uses, but I think we need to take into consideration what we might use web conferencing tools for. For a staff meeting of more than four people, for instance, where you wanted to share and work on a document, you'd be automatically limited to just one person broadcasting with Open Meeting. As a presentation tool, it might work fine (although it doesn't seem to get as good of reviews as other web-conferencing tools), but for collaboration, it might not be the best option. Additionally, you can use a free version of Adobe Connect for meeting with up to three collaborators or broadcasting to fifteen that wouldn't even require the maintenance efforts and support of CIS.

The .flv recordings that are generated by Adobe Connect are of high-quality and stored by Adobe to be made available to anyone. You can also incorporate these .flv's into other videos you might create for training or information purposes. I don't know how you host/archive recordings in Open Meeting, but if you lost functionality or quality, this wouldn't be a positive either.

I'd be curious as to how much budget is available for the "named organizer" solution on Adobe Connect (as listed on the Confluence page). At $150 per named organizer, if you only gave the organizing license to each full-time faculty as opposed to adjuncts, this seems like a pretty reasonable expenditure. (I don't imagine adjuncts would typically meet in a setting where at least one full-time faculty member wasn't present.) And again, with some help getting set up from CIS, we wouldn't  burden them with support requirements, as Adobe Connect is vendor-supported. Maybe I'm off on that point, but I think that would be the case.

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  1. Adam,

     SUNY currently has a mandate out that we not purchase any unecessary Adobe products as Adobe walked away from the negotiation table for a contract.

    I think we're going to take a closer look at BigBlueButton. That's what our SUNY Purchase is using with their Moodle environment and it seems more robust than OpenMeetings but keeps with the desire to have an open source, open API application. I don't know the exact numbers, but if we have say 200 F/T faculty that's $30,000/year, with something like BBB that's still $0/year. I know you're removed from the campus, but that's significant dollars in any IT budget, especially Delhi's.

    I'm working on starting to schedule a COA Reginal Forum at Delhi in the form of a MoodleMoot geared toward Moodle Administrators. Hope you'll be able to join us when that occurs. We're talking about shared efficiencies in SUNY and trying to remain in similar directions. We don't want to be searching for solutions that others have already found. And we might even some campuses join us and have hosting specialties, for example say Delhi hosts Moodle and Cobleskill hosts BBB. But we link the systems seamlessly to provide a complete learning environment. 

    Now that BlackBoard has purchased MoodleRooms it is a good idea to help our SUNY colleages move away from their hosting service as the pricing is getting very expensive.



  2. Hi Scott,

    Thanks for the clarification on SUNY's mandate regarding Adobe. Makes the comparison of Connect to other platforms a bit of a moot point. (smile)

    I should have checked my comments on F/T faculty above before posting, as they are originally from an email to Mary Pat Lewis regarding nursing faculty. I was thinking in terms of a solution for fully remote faculty members in that department when I spoke of cost. I am aware and fully agree with you that $30,000 is a substantial chunk of change for anyone. My original thoughts were that if there are 10-15 full-time nursing faculty who were remote, that the expenditure of 1500-2250/year wasn't exorbitant for meeting their teleconferencing and training needs. However, I don't hold any purse strings, so any comments I make on expenditures should be taken with a grain of salt.

    My main concern would be that any solution would be robust enough to meet people's needs. I know that the balance is perpetually between affordability, efficiency, and quality in any organization and there are obviously folks with a better sense of that big picture than I have. My comments are just one small chime-in. 

    I'll take a look at BigBlueButton too. 

    Thanks for the invitation to participate in the larger forum when it occurs. I appreciate it, and I'll look forward to hearing it about it.

    Take care.



  3. When we meet many moons ago, the plan was to bring in vendors for users to consider......