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Welcome to the Open Delhi Discussions Space

Open Delhi Discussions is a place for topics of interest among Delhi faculty and staff to emerge, as well as ad hoc conversations, initiatives and debates which feed into the CIS Project Development Cycle. The Campus Digital Roundtable is a virtual location for colleagues from across the College to informally share their thoughts, discoveries, academic-related predictions and questions. If you have attended an event and want to share what you learned with others across campus, here is a great place to post it. If you have a concept that might one day become a project, bring it to the Roundtable and see if others want to pull up a seat and help grow the idea.

On the right is a list of the most recently edited pages, topics, and discussions.
At the bottom of this page are several discussion topics, or you can "add a child page" if your proposed topic does not already exist.

An example about project proposals:
Let's say several faculty members were interested in using a clicker in the classroom (or any other technologically-oriented hardware/software/tool). This would be a project that would need to go through the CIS Project Development Cycle. A page could be created (following the procedure linked in the next paragraph below) called "clickers" where a discussion group would emerge (or it could be discussed in a division and brought up in a Unit Plan). That discussion group would not need to be limited to any one division or department, and could include anyone with interest in the project. Once the discussion has begun, a Project Owner would be chosen to represent the clicker group. Then, CIS would assign a Project Manager to the clicker group to assist with the organizational analysis, audience analysis, and project goal definition. Once finished, the project would go to TAG for Project Readiness and Prioritization and then on to the Budget and Planning Committee

We have developed a new section specifically for Technology Projects to help you get started with the initial steps of defining a project and monitor the project through the process.

Topics Under Discussion

Visit the Campus Digital Roundtable . . .

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  1. Let's discuss this very important (to me anyway) topic I found in the Utne Reader:


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      1. Boomers and Xers are simply not to be outdone!