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Prior to 2008 several SUNY Delhi courses were taught using the SUNY Learning Network, which was a Lotus Notes-based course management system. All courses have since migrated to Vancko Hall/Moodle, and the SLN system has since migrated to Angel/Blackboard.

Current Status

SLN has recently undergone several changes in services and cost structure. In addition to course management services and hosting, SLN also offers services related to faculty development and marketing. At this time, SUNY Delhi does not subscribe to any SLN services, however there are two areas of services which may be of interest to SUNY Delhi faculty and staff:

Both of these sets of services provide SUNY-wide services at no cost to SUNY campuses, as well as services available by subscription only. Currently, SUNY Delhi is using the Basic Community Web Marketing Support, and participating in some of the SUNY-wide Education services. At this time there are no plans to add additional services, however this page may serve as a discussion point if faculty/staff believe there is a pressing need which warrants a further subscription.