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Video 2: December 2010


My name is Maureen Kim and I'm from Niskayuna, NY.

My name is Glenda Martinez and I'm from Yonkers, NY.

My name is Katharine Baldwin. I'm from Warwick, NY.

In terms of quality, the Delhi program and instructors are superb.

Here at Delhi they have the highest quality instructors and program. It was very challenging.

They are accredited now by the National League of Nursing.

It's a rigorous program there's no doubt. This is a very rigourous program, which is also why it is exciting. You know, it's something that becomes this goal that you want to meet and the teamwork is so strong, the support is so strong, the enthusiasm from other students is so strong that, you know, it just works as a catalyst to make the whole thing just a huge success.

It made me want to go further in school because of not only the knowledge base that the professors had, but the interactions between the students.

It's a high quality program and I like that. It's affordable because it is a state school.

This program is very cooperative. The learning is at home or in your office; it's on your own, but the collaboration with faculty is constant. The support is immense, better than any program I've ever been in, any classroom I've ever sat in.

The library is there, the bookstore is there. There's people to help you with your papers if you need that you can submit them and then they take a look at it and give you tips back. Everything just gets turned around so quickly.

There was never anything that I had to do in this program that I didn't have an immediate answer for, a tutorial, someone calling me working me though it, someone sending an assignment back and saying maybe look at this or that.

I did it with working full time, being a full time mom, being in the military, and I was still able to do it.

I'm a strong advocate for this program and for higher education.

My advice for anyone considering this program is to absolutely do it. I'm 46 years old I was out of the field for almost 18 years, you know, if I can do it, I know you can do it. And, you will love it! I started this program thinking that nothing would change. I did it as a personal goal, I thought that completing my BSN would just be something I said I did, but wouldn't change much. Its changed everything. I am more confident. I am more educated. I've participated in research, I'm collaborating with students from all over the country.

Just get in there and do it.

If feels great to graduate today.

Video 1: May 2010

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My name is Tara Cullen and I am from Bardonia, NY.

My name is Heidi Schroeder and I'm from Monroe, NY.

I'm Edward Knuth Sr., I live in Norwich, NY.


Delhi gave me the opportunity to go back to school and work around my schedule.

I choose SUNY Delhi ... first of all its a SUNY school, so it's very affordable. And I'm a mother with three children and I work so the flexibility of doing an online program fit my lifestyle perfectly.

I choose SUNY Delhi for my online program because of its reputation. Several people where I work were involved in the program and recommended it highly.

I'm an ER nurse and we work 12 1/2 hour shifts. I do that anywhere from two to three days a week. I have two small children that need to be bounced from place to place, and my husband is also an NYPD detective, so we don't have your very normal 9-5 family schedule.

I work full time and have five kids, so on the ground wasn't an option for me.

At two o'clock in the morning if my kids were very busy in the evening, or I had a rough day at work or something, I could still do my homework. So, it was always available to me, which was perfect.

Convenience. My favorite part was that you could study whenever you really needed to.

I think I had more interactions with my professor than I did with my on-ground program. With this program much more. And I feel I know everybody.

When I started I was pretty computer literate, I'm no computer guru by any means, but I never had any problems figuring out the interfaces of the software, it was always very intuitive. They've done a really good job setting it up for even neophytes on the computer.

I'm comfortable using technology, but I also advanced in that area because there were things that I didn't know how to do.

The application process was easy and painless. Registering was easy and painless. Being oriented to the program was easy and painless, and it has followed the whole way through.

To get oriented and started, I thought it was a really smooth process. They had a class that you had to take for orientation that really showed you the way it was going to be: how the assignments were going to be organized, when they were going to be due, how to use the databases; it was really important to have that class. I thought it was very helpful.

It's not self paced. You do have to follow a time limit. So I would look at the whole course originally and plan it out that way because you do have to plan for unforeseen events.

If you're looking to do it, go for it, don't be afraid. I did it with a job and two kids, so anybody can do it.