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This page is currently for the discussion an anticipated need within CIS.


  • Assist System Administrator and Manager with performing routine maintenance tasks
  • Maintain an organizational structure that remains flexible and adaptive to changing campus needs
  • Address upcoming needs that are seen on the horizon.

Broad Function

The Assistant Systems Administrator is to assist the Systems Administrator with routine repeatable tasks to maintain the campus server and desktop environment.

Reporting Relationships

This position reports to the Manager of Technology Infrastructure
This position supervises no positions
This position is parallel in the organizational structure to none

Major Responsibilities

  • Assists with Operating System administration for campus-wide servers.
  • Monitors production systems for operational problems.
  • Performs advanced diagnosis of production system reported problems coming from the Service Center
  • Provides technical support to Client Support Services for Desktop and Server based service troubleshooting.
  • Responsible for academic departments lab software deployment.
  • Documents work in ticket tracking software
  • Review, comments, contributes and authors documentation and projects in the enterprise documentation repository (currently Confluence).
  • Performs Quality Assurance testing of new software and patches before deployment.
  • Makes System Administrator approved changes to Group Policies
  • Monitors daily patch management status, antivirus status.
  • Prepares software for deployment to end-user systems.
  • Resets password and creates new user accounts on systems.
  • Works with Telecommunications-Administrator to troubleshoot reported production system problems.
  • Monitors backup systems for college servers
  • Maintains software licensing records at the direction of the campus-wide Software License Manager


  • Basic Knowledge of Windows 2003/2008 Server OS
  • Basic Knowledge of Group Policies
  • Knowledge of software packaging techniques and Group Policy deployment
  • Basic Knowledge of Antivirus and Patch Management
  • Basic Knowledge of backup software for Windows and Linux Servers
  • Knowledge of using Windows Desktops OS (XP, Vista, 7), Microsoft Office, Email, wiki and other office productivity software
  • Familiarity of Vitualization technologies
  • Knowledge of basic scripting languages (i.e. wsh, vbs, bat)


  • Two years of progressively complex assignments within a MS Windows computing environment
  • Performed the installation of software on servers
  • Performed imaging of desktop computers
  • Familiarity with basic Group Policy concepts
  • Worked in a multi-tier IT support organization
  • Experience with software deployment and patches
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Active Directory
  • Experience managing/troubleshooting Email errors

Minimum Qualifications

  • Requires an Associates degree from a college or university accredited by a US Department of Education or internationally recognized accrediting organization in a computing discipline
  • 2 years of progressively challenging work experience in a related field
  • Ability to extract and compile a range of data from written sources, from individuals, from colleagues, from other institutions and vendors.
  • Ability to read technical literature, write technical documentation and fill out complex forms
  • Regular skilled use complex machines and systems
  • Must be able to work cooperatively with others in troubleshooting problems.
  • Must be able to seek assistance from peers, supervisors, vendors and alternative sources
  • Must be able to perform work that requires considerable physical effort with a high degree of fine finger and hand dexterity.
  • Extensive experience with the MS Windows operating system familty, both desktop and server.

Preferred Qualifications

  • 4 year college degree in a computing discipline
  • 5 or more years experience in computing field
  • Microsoft Certified System Administrator credential
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